How to add RocketLeague friend

1) How to add friend on PC

1. Open our steam link on your browser

2. Click add friend option

3. Waiting for us to accept your friend request,
Enter the game
Open your friend list
Invite us to your party
Invite us to trade.

2) How to add friend on PS4

1. Enter the friend list on home page of PSN

2. Input our correct PSN ID and click the add new friends option

3. Send friend request to us

4. Click R2 button on PS4 controller, find us on your friend list and invite us to trade

3) How to add friend on Xbox One

1. Choose the third option,Find someone

2. Input our correct game tag

3. Add us as friend

4. Choose Friend option and click the Submit button

5. Enter the game,
Click RT button on your xbox controller
Find us in online friend list
Invite us to trade.

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