How to Trade Pokémon for Sword and Shield ?

Pokémon Sword and Shield Transfer Process: (Note: you need to be a Nintendo member before you start any trade)

1. A buyer places orders on our trade system

2. A buyer goes to our LiveChat to let our customer service staff set up the same password for the trade

3. Start the trade or exchange.

(1) Your game machine is connected to WIFI/Internet 


(2) open the game and press the "Y" key to enter the connection page


(3) Press the " + " button on the game console to connect to the Internet



(4) Exchange by connection and enter the password to search for people with the same password as you.



(5) At this point, automatically return to the game interface after the game is finished, stand still, wait, and then show the seller successfully connected.


(6) Select the Pokemon to trade



(7) complete the exchange



Buyers and sellers do exactly the same thing

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